Who We Are

  • We're a technology startup investment firm focused exclusively on the pre-seed stage.
  • With a portfolio of 800+ pre-seed investments and growing.
  • Pre-seed isn't our farm system; it's our bread and butter.
  • It's all we've done, all day, every day, since 2012.
  • We focus on US and Canadian companies. We do make some investments in Western Europe, Israel, and Australia, typically via accelerators or other partners.
  • We strive to treat founders the way we would want to be treated.
  • We don't waste time. If we're not going to invest, we say so as quickly as possible. If we are going to invest, we just get it done without delays.

What We Look For

  • Sector:
    Anything within Technology.
  • Stage:
    Pre-Seed. (Sometimes very early Seed.)
  • Traction / Progress:
    Usually, initial revenues. No ideas or prototypes. Details here.
  • Valuation:
    $1M - $3M. (Rare exceptions outside of range.)
  • Total Round Size:
    $100K - $500K. (Occasional exceptions outside of range.)
  • Headcount:
    Usually at least 2 full time founders. Often a few full or part time workers.
  • Exit Potential:
    We are biased towards capital efficient business models that can produce strong investor returns at sub-$100M exits.