Portfolio Philosophy

At RSCM, we strive to construct a diversified portfolio, much like one would in traditional equities markets. We invest in many companies at a consistent rate. We screen for a set of characteristics that defines an asset class we believe to have high returns. We try to spread out risk along a number of dimensions.

The first step in building a diversified portfolio is taking a sufficient number of positions given the risk associated with each investment. Our modeling shows a portfolio of pre-seed technology startups should number in the hundreds. So we've been ramping up our capacity to make hundreds of investments per year.


In addition to being diversified across many startups, we want to make sure we aren't too concentrated in any particular type of startup. A great example is geography. While the San Francisco Bay and New York Metropolitan areas are major startup hubs, we make sure our portfolio is spread across the US and, to some extent, across the world.


Active 2016 Investments

Aces Health GoKid Polis
acuteIQ GoNative Polly
AddStructure Grace Poln
AdvisorConnect GroGuru PopUp Play
AirFox Growth Instruments Preesale
Algocian Grubbly ProcessOut
Analytical Flavor Systems GymHit Purple
Arena HAAS Alert Quantac
Ascerta Healthie Rally Bus
AUTHORS.me Heartbeat Media Rare Pink
Backstitch HERO App Real Meal Delivery
Baloonr Indio Reflect
Bamba Group init.ai Remidi
Bark Technologies Inscope Medical Solutions Resertrip
Blueprint Registry Intelligent Layer ResponsiveAds
BookBuses IOPipe Riskopy
Boon Itsbyu Roam Solutions
BraIQ Jiobit Rocketbook
Branch Messenger Joonko RushTix
Bridge21 Kami Seed&Spark
Bright Kandid.ly Select Innovations
Brightwork Karmies Separate.Us
CareerLark Keepe Sequr
Cargo Kepler Communication Shoelace
CarServ Lab Fellows Shyft
Chowbotics LeBlum Sigmend
Chroma Legalinc SimpliRoute
CompleteSet Leka SkopeNow
ContextSmith Lifecycle Skycision
Converge LogicGate Skywatch
ConvertFlow MakerBloks Social Status
Create Maxwell SocialCapital
Danger!Awesome MeetMindful SpaceView
De-Ice MindMate Spatial
Donut Media MobilePhire Spoiler Alert
Drinkeasy Morty Spoken
Drive Spotter MotionHall Sprout
Drizzle Mycroft Spruce
DroneSeed MyFin Stride.AI
Dronesmith Technologies NaCa Fermentation Strobe
edn Navut Super Dispatch
Electronic Gaming Federation Negotiatus TEQ Charging
Ella Biomedical Nexosis The Black Sheep
ERNIT Nozzle The Helper Bees
ExecVision OnFrontiers TicketSauce
Exeq onTarget Trace
Feedmob Orderly Health Trekk
Fig Loans Painless 1099 UCIC
Fitbot Pak'd Union Crate
Fitspot Paranoid Fan Unito
Flowcast Party with a Local Urban3D
Fomo PartySlate Validated
Forestry.io Passage WELL Health
Four Mine Patch Homes Windrush
Front Door PenPal Schools WorkHound
Fueloyal PermitZone XapiX
Galaxy.AI Pierce Matrix Xclaim Mobile
Gazella Wifi Pillar Technologies Yaypay
GeoLens PlanSnap Yosko

Exited Investments

Augur Acquired by Bounce Exchange, March 2017
PlayCanvas Acquired by Snap, March 2017
Sameroom Acquired by 8x8, March 2017
Tapglue Acquired by Localytics, March 2017
Daily Pnut Acquired by Media Mobilize, November 2016
Careport Health Acquired by Allscripts Healthcare, October 2016
Beam Acquired by Microsoft, September 2016
Glidera Acquired by Kraken, September 2016
Pathful Aqcuired by Mobify, April 2016
Filament Labs Acquired by Athenahealth, September 2016
Conspire Acquired by FullContact, June 2016
Knowtify Acquired by Kissmetrics, May 2016
Ziibra Acquired by Tagboard, May 2016
VerbalizeIt Acquired by Smartling, May 2016
Mapkin Acquired by Mapquest, May 2016
Mentio Acquired by Lendified, March 2016
Ubooly Acquired by Sphero, February 2016
Reesio Acquired by Move.com, January 2016
ZenPurchase Acquired by Coupa Software, January 2016
Good.co Acquired by StepStone, January 2016
Crowsnest Acquired by Samsung, November 2015
AdHusky Acquired by undisclosed company, October 2015
Inside Social Acquired by Simply Measured, September 2015
Tutum Acquired by Docker, September 2015
Fosbury Acquired by Verve, June 2015
Mortar Data Acquired by Datadog, February 2015
Vidmaker Acquired by Youtube, December 2014
Airpost Acquired by Box, December 2014
Revolv Acquired by Nest Labs, October 2014
Appfuel Acquiredby undsiclosed company, April 2014
UberSense Acquired by Hudl, August 2014
Poptip Acquired by Palantir, July 2014
docTrackr Acquired by Intralinks, April 2014
MobileDevHQ Acquired by Tune, August 2014
Appetas Acquired by Google, April 2014
GetAFive Acquired by Tutor.com, August 2014
Pickie Acquired by RetailMeNot, April 2014
DigitalOcean Partial sale into later round, March 2014
LiteStack Acquired by Rackspace, November 2013
DealAngel Acquired by OneTwoTrip, August 2013
GoodApril Acquired by Intuit, August 2013