Portfolio Philosophy

At RSCM, we strive to construct a diversified portfolio, much like one would in traditional equities markets. We invest in many companies at a consistent rate. We screen for a set of characteristics that defines an asset class we believe to have high returns. We try to spread out risk along a number of dimensions.

In addition to being diversified across many startups, we want to make sure we aren't too concentrated in any particular type of startup. A great example is geography. While the San Francisco Bay and New York Metropolitan areas are major startup hubs, we make sure our portfolio is spread across the US and, to some extent, across the world.


Beyond diversification, we also prize survival. One of our core beliefs is that pre-seed startups are primarily about option value, not enterprise value. The value of an option is proportional to how long it lasts. Essentially, the longer a startup is around, the more opportunity there is for good things to happen to it. Selecting for survivability across the entire portfolio will increase the realized value from those options on average.

With the general trend of greater tech startup capital efficiency and the ability to get farther faster, it's actually possible to select for initial revenue and low burn at the seed stage. So these factors weigh pretty heavily in our scorecard for investment opportunities.

We track survivability over time. The graph below shows the 1 through 5 year survival rates for each of our yearly portfolio investment cohorts (that are old enough for that survival time to make sense).


Active 2020 Investments

(Un)stuck Tools and methodologies for digital marketers.
AI Appstore Assembles AI tools into custom subscription bundles for enterprise app teams.
AI-Tech Systems Simplifying AI application deployment in edge devices.
Alethea AI Marketplace for AI generated media.
alt Gives media owners control of their content.
Animo AI Measure employee mental well-being in real-time.
Aplayr Helps sales reps and their managers effectively work together to set and achieve data-driven goals.
Audio Fusion Studio quality sound for musicians over any smart device.
AutoOptimize Magically improves website conversion by running a series of 50 proven A/B experiments.
Awayr.AI Artificial intelligence that can model and predict how people will interact with technology.
Baja AI Quadcycle sharing service.
Basix Concepts Making sales conversations happen.
Blindnet Privacy by design made easy.
Boston Technology Research Automates compliance checking of SaaS products for regulated industries.
Bright Amenities for on-site and WFH teams.
Burnrate The app that helps companies survive the scaling process.
Butterflly Health Behavioral health for underserved populations.
Castle One Cybersecurity in a box.
CFO2 Helping multi-unit restaurants improve their efficiencies and profitability.
ChatOR Redefining operating room management.
Constellation Tech Integrates, links, and enriches enterprise intelligence to enable predictive analytics and automation.
CPNet Using manufacturers' data to improve decision making and increase profitability.
Cultured Decadence Cell-cultured crab and lobster products.
Curie Enables shoppers to experience what’s in-store, at home
Dataships Data privacy compliance toolkit.
Dataspine Cloud-native ML Ops.
Debie Credit ratings for commercial real estate.
Decision AI Helping food and beverage companies make better supply chain decisions.
DisplayRide Video monitoring of rideshare trips.
DockPad Agile planning for construction.
DocQ Enhances document lifecycle and collaboration to decrease revenue lost by SMBs.
Droplet K-12 Digital forms and workflows for school administration.
Drugviu Making it easy for non-white populations to find out how medications affect us.
Elena Velez Contemporary American fashion brand.
Elly Health World's first empathetic audio companion for people impacted by cancer.
Endorsify Discover the right influencers at the right price.
Equator 3D mapping platform where professionals create standout maps in minutes.
EXG Next generation AI-enabled wearable devices.
FANTM Next-generation wearable neuromuscular gesture sensing platform.
FeatherCloud Decentralized computing and caching algorithms sitting on top of telecom services.
Firstbase All-in-one remote provisioning for teams.
FLX Allows inspection and repair technicians to get into inaccessible areas.
Flyupav Delivery drones.
FoundersList The network for trusted business recommendations.
Fridgio Refrigerated logistics done right.
FundStory Marketplace for non-dilutive capital.
FunnelGuard Get real-time strategic visibility of your marketing tech across customer journeys.
Gem + Jewel E-commerce aggregator of the finest quality jewelry sources worldwide.
Gerald Powering the future of insurance retention and engagement.
Hello Patients Transparency for your patients, increased revenue for your practice.
HemorAI Objective measurement of blood loss that doesn’t require lab work.
Hilo Smart building integration platform that brings building managers closer to their tenants.
Hoolime Practitioner marketplace & care coordination platform powering in-home care.
Hubbli Business technology for private schools.
ICWhatUC Amazingly simple remote service puts expertise in your customer’s hands.
ilomen Automated healthcare platform that streamlines how physicians can reach their patients.
JiiWa SaaS platform that simplifies data collection and management for impact organizations.
Jugg.io Deploy servers from any major cloud provider within a few seconds.
Junum Elevating clinical nutrition to drive results.
Kamana Simplifies and automates healthcare staffing for agencies, nurses, and allied health.
Knac Helping companies improve their screening process so they can stop ghosting candidates.
Lena Real human virtual companions that provide support and guidance to seniors facing health challenges.
Less Platform Enterprise-grade cloud-native logistics optimization and management platform.
Live Chair Improving the health of African American men by addressing chronic health conditions through their trusted barbers.
Lucendity We shop mortgages, auto loans, personal loans, and student loans to get you the best deal.
LVRG Tracks and manages supplier performance across the supply chain.
MedAux Standardizing and automating outpatient communication.
Mediseen Health Empowers health and wellness professionals to go 'clinicless' and manage their own mobile practices.
Menergi Fostering of relationships between nonprofits and institutional donors.
mettleAI Remote-patient monitoring tool with real-time data.
Milk the Moment Mobile application that helps users to have a healthy balance of screen time in their lives.
Millennia Media Technology that allows for greatly improved dynamic range in professional audio recording and playback.
mimijumi The world’s best breast bottle.
Minerva AI AI-enabled automated, accurate and audit-proof financial crimes investigations.
Mini City Partners with municipalities and NGOs to quickly secure IDs for the homeless and connect them with resources.
nect Secure worldwide LTE modem.
Neer Next generation intelligent platform for water infrastructure.
Nexus AI-based precision dosing algorithm minimizes drug resistance and reduces negative side effects.
Omnicure Agile and comprehensive Tele-ICU solution.
Onebar Self-driving documentation.
OrthoKeys Orthopedic bedside toolbox.
Parrotmob Conversational commerce platform.
Patient Forecaster Emergency medicine’s first AI-powered advanced labor management platform.
Payference AI-driven working capital management.
Polymer Automatic Personally Identifiable Data encryption.
Preventure Preventing workplace injuries using Sports Science technology.
Private AI Making privacy accessible.
Prophit.ai Machine learning solutions for sales tax.
Proxii Helping commerce companies transition from self fullfilment to 3rd part logistics.
Qualaris Software for infection prevention compliance and best practices.
RealityBlu Effortless augmented reality for marketers and creatives.
RedRoute Automate 70% of your customer service phone calls, within days.
RevKeep Helps healthcare providers control post-payment medical audits.
Roots Automation Provides companies with digital workers as a service.
RxThat True prescription price transparency.
SafeDeploy Fault free updates.
Samaritan Smart wallets to help highest-risk individuals move forward.
Sampoll M.anages and optimizes product marketing campaigns for CPG brands and agencies.
Satellite Talent Provides outsourced sales for B2B SaaS companies.
Scanifly Drone-based 3D modelling helps solar companies develop and operate projects more efficiently.
Sensegrass Prevision farming with soil intelligence.
SicurMi State of the art algorithms use data from your wearables to spredict health anomalies.
Sigo Car insurance from your phone--for those with limited insurance histories.
Simiotics The search engine for programmers.
Sken.ai DevOps first AppSec.
Sote The operating system for trade in Africa.
Spares.io Predicting equipment failure at the part level.
SpellBound Improving patient outcomes and experience with augmented reality.
SportsTrace Automatically analyzes sports training or in-game video and provides personalized recommendations.
SpotKwik See a product, ask your friends, family or someone you trust. Buy with clarity.
SpotOn Ridesharing with your pets.
Stadhawk On demand laundry service.
Starmetrics All the tools you need to search, compare, and analyze up-to-the-minute data about the world’s leading actors.
StonePaper Integrating blockchain into existing platforms.
Stride Tech IoT device that encourages patients to learn and maintain correct walker use.
Techshelf Get real time data directly from the store shelves.
TecTransit AI-powered Transit-as-a-Service platform for automated dispatch and scheduling.
Tegger Collects and cross checks precise consumer information for digital advertising.
TeloPoint Medical lab tests at home.
The Main Tab Highly curated wholesale marketplace connecting fine brands and independent retailers.
The Owl Solutions Quantifiable, actionable opportunities to improve supply chain performance.
Transcend Monthly membership allows members to access and discover unique personal care and holistic services.
Triad Bespoke exercises for Parkinson’s that combine movement, voice and cognition via a smart speaker “enhanced” podcast.
TRYON Technology Augmented reality technology for a virtual jewelry fitting.
Unbox the Dress Turn your wedding gown into a collection of stunning, heirloom-quality designs to enjoy and gift.
Unilingo First full-service translation platform helping creators reach a global audience.
Unmeeting Stronger remote and distributed teams by combining live and recorded video with smart interaction suggestions.
Upstock Bringing shared company ownership to businesses of all sizes — no lawyer required.
VendorPM Property managers access thousands of vendors reviewed by other property managers.
Vyflow Single portal for investors to access portfolio company updates, data rooms, financial data and confidential communications.
Wally Rebuilding dental care from end-to-end, starting with telehealth.
We-Convert Smart IoT solution to simplify waste management experience.
Welnys Marketplace for workplace health and wellness services and videos.
XILO XILO is a quoting and sales automation platform for insurance agencies.
Zeroin Allows doctors to quickly and accurately identify patients to retrieve their records.

Active 2019 Investments

Abstract Engineering IoT device that can be attached behind existing shower heads to reduce water and energy waste at large hospitality and commercial properties.
Adder Billboard and vehicle advertising measurement with GPS verified impressions, dwell times, location conversions, and audience building tools.
Agreemint AI mediated contract negotiation.
Akia A cloud-based messaging platform for hotels and their guests.
Alpine Media Delivers digital content to skiers and riders across a unique digital platform.
Answerable Uberized chat, allowing brands to respond with real people at scale.
Ascendo Predictive maintenance at work.
Autobon AI-powered automated driving solution that can be retrofitted to work with existing trucks.
Axon Gaming Connecting gamers with esports teams.
BBot Guest-controlled ordering without the kiosk.
BizEatz Helping business travelers eat healthy.
Bizwise The operating system for SMB's.
Brain Body Cognitive analytics platform that maximizes brain functions today and protects from degeneration in the future.
Busie Next generation group travel by directly connecting organizers and operators.
BuyerSight AI and predictive analytics platform for revenue leaders.
Cloud Campaign Helping marketing agencies scale.
Cloudux SaaS platform that simplifies the creation, management and deployment of code in a multi-cloud environment.
Community Benchmark Data marketplace for the US wine industry. Wineries input their data and get back local, regional, and national data.
Courier Simplifying your notification code.
Cyber Clipboard Verified employment plus top employers.
DigiByto Convert your blog into video in one minute.
Drishyam Image recognition based product identification platform.
Driveway Mobile auto body repair services.
Dynamo Metrics Time series spatial databases for governments.
Earthvisionz Real time distributed asset monitoring.
Enable My Child Outsourced telehealth pediatric therapy services to schools and states.
Etta Epidermis AI-powered early skin cancer screening.
Eva Automates booking professional entertainment for corporate and private events.
FinGoal Find money by analyzing consumer credit and debit card transactions.
Fiveable Social learning platform that offers live, in-depth group teaching and learning sessions.
FloatMe Short-term loans to help consumers to avoid overdraft fees.
GoApron SaaS solution for aircraft parking.
GroLens Simplified compliance reporting, inventory management, and grow optimization software.
HelloFriend Mobile app that let’s friends organize and coordinate social outings and events.
Hippo Health A simple communications platform for clinicians and patients.
HotSpot Cooktop Flat-top grill that can be customized to heat pots and pans of any shape or size.
ilixer Creates nutritionally-complete, powdered meals, providing an optimal ratio of macronutrients and micronutrients.
Iris Real-time AI monitoring of surveillance camera video feeds.
JoinEight A cloud-based engagement tracking systems that allows companies to engage meaningfully with potential employees.
Ka-BLOOM Group Hyper-personalized career building.
Karyosoft A Genomics Intelligence Platform For Microbiome Scientists.
Kuhmute Kuhmute makes charging docking station for escooters and ebikes.
Last Lock Self-powering, smart cylinder allows home and business owners to transform any mechanical lock system intoa highly secure smart lock.
Lincode Labs High speed cameras and AI that perform real-time QA down to 2 microns on manufacturing lines.
Medsien Medsien empowers healthcare proveers with data science to deliver personalize care.
MindPass Next generation password management.
Motivote Uses nudges and group dynamics to increase follow-through on behaviors, starting with voting.
NeoClinic Enables enterprises of any size to create and automatically manage privateblockchain systems in multi-cloud environments.
Olimpo Labs Innovation technology for the human body.
Onramp Insurance Accelerator Gener8tor insure-tech accelerator in partnership with Allianz Life and Securian Financial.
Orbiit Marketplace enabling dynamic professionals to learn through job shadowing.
Panty Drop Intimates box provides women of all sizes a curated selection of trendy, well-fitting underwear, with an emphasis on the plus-sized market.
ParkENT Cycles Secure charging stations for electric bicycles.
Passright The O-1 visa company. U.S. Immigration - simple, safe and accurate.
PAXAFE IoT-enabled, reusable, traceable and secure packaging solution.
Pet Krewe Designs and manufactures pet costumes, toys and pet crafting kits.
PlatoonX ERP integrated freight brokerage.
Predictive Health Partners Screening and spending optimization platform reduces wasteful healthcare spending.
Qlicket HR talent retention software for “high turnover” work environments.
Quoteapro Value added scrap metal aggregator.
Redify Mobile app that recognizes toxic ingredients.
Rentgrata Increase your website’s conversion rate by connecting prospective renters with your current residents.
Robbie AI Real-time facial analytics for identity, biometrics, and emotions.
Routefusion API for cross border bank-to-bank payments.
Seated Helps music artists capture more buyer data and generate more revenue from ticket links.
SecondKeys Maintenance management software for rental properties and community associations.
Sparkir All in one business financing platform for Small Business Owners and Equipment Vendors.
SportsID Helping parents, athletes, and coaches take their skills to the next level through sports data.
Squash On demand staging environments for web apps and microservices.
Standard Cyborg Complete developer platform for interacting with 3D data
Steam Energy Labs Intelligent water heater thermostats.
StoriiCare Easy to use digital platform to help Senior Living providers offer the best care possible.
Supervised AI Machine learning as a service for non-coders.
Symba Effectively manage your internship program from start to finish.
Tango Provides data and analytics to alcohol brands by leveraging proprietary data from consumers' purchases at their favorite bars and breweries.
Vertify Vertify allows companies to integrate data across multiple SaaS products without using internal engineering resources.
Vishion Corporation Enables professional designers and design lovers to search by color for decor and furniture.
Wherefour ERP focused on traceability, compliance, and control for food, beverage, and natural product producers.
Y Translator Automates video closed captioning and translations.

Active 2018 Investments

AdBadger Earns Amazon Businesses more profit in less time by optimizing and automating advertising campaigns.
AdInMo In-game advertising network for mobile, AR/VR, and eSports.
Adistry A cloud platform and marketplace that helps publishers manage and sell their ad inventory.
Advocatia Solutions Automates the screening and application process hospitals use to get uninsured patients covered.
Allstacks Quantifies productivity of your software engineering.
Apphodge Business owners can start from scratch or collaborate with our experts to create unique apps and websites.
Automaton Integration and campaign test automation built for business users.
B Hold Health Reducing healthcare cost and fraud with mobile based biometrics to verify patient identiy.
Behaviorme VR simulations that give practitioners the opportunity to teach basic life skills to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and developmental disabilities.
Bid Ops An automated vendor and contract negotiation platform for procurement departments of large enterprises.
Binary Bubbles Connects brands and consumers through an interactive, personalized fan club, hosted by a digital avatar.
BioInteractive Technologies First hands-free, camera-free, wrist worn gesture recognition wearable.
Bitesize Sales & marketing platform that enables genuine 1- to-1 conversational messaging, at scale.
Borsetta Eradicating counterfeit, fraud and create a new class of real-world assets and value for the world.
Brandefy Enables consumers to compare private label & value brand products to their name brand counterparts.
Breefly The future of business reporting merging text, imagery, video, and data into elegant business briefs.
Bridgr A marketplace that connects manufacturers to Industry 4.0 experts, technologies, and IT service providers.
Careteam Technologies AI-enabled digital health platform that enables patient-centered care collaboration for complex, chronic diseases.
ChargeWheel Mobile EV charging for cars, bikes, and scooters.
Civic Eagle Utilizes artificial Intelligence to help policy advocacy organization maximize the quality of their campaigns.
Claya Daily supplement mix tailored to genetic blueprint.
CloudAdmin Multi-cloud management as a service.
Co Procure Helps local governments find, buy, and share high-quality technology products from more diverse vendors like startups and small businesses via streamlined, cooperative procurement.
Cohley Helping the world’s best brands generate the content that they need through vetted 3rd party creators.
Cowboy Crickets The first network of cricket farmers convincing people to eat bugs.
Culturebase AI-powered mobile hub for unique and authentic local culture.
Datch Smart voice assistant for the factory.
Docstation A patient care platform for pharmacists.
Drofika Labs Leverages underutilized computing power to provide simple, affordable, and location-friendly processing for complex computing applications and IoT devices.
EcoG Customized EV fast charging experience through a PaaS for value added services & shared revenue streams.
Ethica Data Ethica is the research tool that allows researchers to replace surveys with smartphones, wearables, and objective measurements.
Etho Software plaform for smart helmets.
Fanaticus Provides immersive mixed-reality experiences for audiences seeking enhanced entertainment and gaming adventures.
Fangage Digital autograph marketplace giving fans an opportunity to get their favorite memories autographed by celebrities.
Flexspace Comprehensive platform for emerging companies to visualize, budget, and execute a new office move or existing space refresh.
Flikshop Helping families stay connected to their incarcerated loved ones.
Gas Pos Cloud-based ACH payment system for diesel truck refueling that disintermediates the credit card industry.
Gig Mobile Mobile telecom solutions for gig economy workers.
Goodr Redirects surplus food from food service providers to the millions of people who are food insecure.
Groundhog Friction-free plug-in to start accepting crypto subscriptions.
Hopthru Mobile ticketing for transit agencies.
Hovercast Cross platform brand engagment for livestreams.
Instant Teams We enable companies to scale and manage their remote workforce and to hire untapped talent pools.
Insycle Managing and organizing data across cloud platforms.
iSensing Mobile devices, sensors, and video to count objects for transport optimization.
Kilter Transforms wellness motivation by enabling employers to donate to employees-chosen causes when employees complete daily health goals.
Kloudio Unified data analytics for finance teams.
Klover Klover is a smart transportation platform.
Kyso Beautifully render and version data-science notebooks so you can collaborate on analysis, machine learning models and user analytics.
Last Bottle Clothing Creates demand for post-consumer plastic bottles ensuring our clothes are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life.
LawnTap Receive instant quotes and on-demand ordering of lawn care via an app.
LotMonkey SaaS product for car dealers to manage, design, and print their marketing collateral.
Lumanu Lumanu empowers brands to access and use 1st party data from influencers to deliver better marketing results.
Lynq Device that helps you find your people in crowds, remote areas or anywhere cell phones fail.
Medicipher Helping hospitals navigate operational decision making.
Mesur Accurately water and fertilize seed by using real-time environmental measurements and advanced analytics.
Nollapelli Scientifically engineered textiles give consumers a new way to care for their skin while they sleep.
Nonnatech Nonnatech uses sensor data and big data analytics to predict deterioration of health in at-risk populations.
Norton Hurley A discreet, e-commerce monthly subscription of adult incontinence products.
OnCue Run your moving business from anywhere.
Optikal Contact Care Affordable direct-to-consumer subscription box for contact lens care.
OSBeehives An operating system for your beehive apiary providing a data-driven IoT platform for commercial honey producers.
OurErrands Lifestyle management platform that assists employees with relocating and acclimating into their new city.
Parsley Software Parsley is SaaS product that handles the tedious but essential tasks chefs do with spreadsheets, pen and paper.
PathSpot Scans employee's hands to detect pathogens that cause food borne illness - all in under 2 seconds.
PatientOne Dramatically reduces communication errors between doctors and patients through cloud-based engagement.
Pear Commerce Bridges the gap between grocery CPG companies and their retailers.
Pennyworth Comes once a week to tidy-up, do laundry & clothes, pickup packages & mail, etc.
Piio Create the fastest mobiles experience for your websites images.
Premo Mobile-first platform that connects real estate agents and their clients throughout the home buying/selling process.
Pulse.qa Combines survey, research, and professional networking to deliver real data, from real people, in real time.
Qarrot SaaS platform for effective employee engagement.
Queen of Raw Marketplace for used raw materials focused on the fashion and design industries.
Quick'rCare A website and app that lets users find nearby emergency rooms and urgent care facilities with openings.
Rap Plug Music management platform that leverages machine learning to connect artists with vetted music professionals.
Rapid Replay Mobile-first centralized platform to crowdsource fan-generated highlights.
Rapidly RefundNote provides small loans to individuals that are secured by future tax refunds.
RefineRE Fuel smarter corporate real estate decisions.
Revi AI chatbot that drives intelligent marketing to get your best customers selling for you.
Roborus AI based smart ordering system (SOS) that personalizes customer greetings, remembers past orders and includes special requirements automatically.
Roots Technologies HR tools for Slack companies.
Sayge Easy access to the best professional development coaching.
Seva Empowers revenue teams to spend less time finding information, and more time using information.
Skillest Empowering coaches to takes their business online.
SkyMul Drone manipulation platform.
Smart Pump Suite Suite of cloud-based solutions that offer convenience store owners and consumers alike the ability to remotely manage their fuel and food.
Smart Tones Media Connects media to the Internet via mobile devices and provides ROI data for the largest segment of advertising: TV and radio.
SoftLedger Enterprise-grade accounting system for crypto assets.
SoundCollide Decentralized recording label that allows music artists to create, protect, and publish their music through remote, synchronous collaboration and data processing on the blockchain.
StoryTap The easiest way for marketers to get high quality directed video user testimonials.
Streamline Genomics Platform that helps clinicians and researchers benefit from genomic sequencing without the need for data analysis expertise.
Student Opportunity Center The leading platform to help college students get quality experiential and high-impact practice opportunities.
Talage Digital broker for commercial insurance.
TCARE SaaS solution for states and insurance companies to prevent family caregiver burnout.
The Clear Cut Direct-to-consumer diamond ring platform.
The Labz Music collaboration platform that innovates Blockchain technology to naturally input song and user data into IP documentation.
Tolstoy Tolstoy.ai reads long text for you.
ToMarket Creating a world of access and transparent communication for local food communities everywhere.
Trust & Will Modernizing estate planning for millenials.
TypingDNA Recognizes people by the way they type.
unboXt unboXt drives employee engagement and enhances recruitment with the power of people science, machine learning and transparency.
Upflex Upflex is building out a global network of 1,500+ coworking facilities and selling the entire network as a SaaS product.
Van Robotics Smart robot tutors that deliver highly personalized instruction.
Vertoe Short term to long term storage solutions.
Visible Networks Equips the health, wellness and healthcare ecosystem to leverage the impact of social support networks.
VR Motion VR hardware and software training systems for transportation & trucking industries.
Wellian Saving your time, money and making you smarter when tackling chronic health conditions.
Xompass Future platform for connected Ferries, we help ferries companies to reduce fuel consumption by adding electric battery banks.
Yobs Bias-free AI that helps companies grow.

Active 2017 Investments

4Degrees Enabling better professional relationships.
7 Chord Machine learning for credit trading.
Abode Redefines real estate with an all-inclusive home buying experience.
Aiva World's first voice assistant for patient care.
Alice's Table Provides women a scalable platform to build flexible businesses through flower arranging events.
Allie A Slack bot for diversity and inclusion at work.
Ampogee Cloud-based platform that tracks and reports manufacturing processes in real-time.
Apostrophe Reduces healthcare costs while delivering a benefit that employees love.
Arternal CRM for art galleries & dealers.
Aspinity Transforms smart/edge sensing with advancements in machine learning.
Aumet Online service that connects distributors and medical manufacturers.
Axle Payments All-in-one financial partner for the modern freight broker.
Bank Novo Simple bank + AI for SMBs.
Blue Fever Futuristic Netflix for millennial women focused on mood curation and community.
Breinify Dynamic predictive context powering automated personalization.
Bubble Hotels Boutique hotels in nature with clear bubble stand-alone rooms.
BYBE Simplifies digital alcohol promotions for retailers by embedding digital alcohol rebates inside retail applications and websites.
CareAcademy Educates professional caregivers online to provide excellent care.
CityCop Social platform for community watch to report and fight crime.
Cogni Combining banking, commerce, and lifestyle on a single platform.
CoLoadX Marketplace & SaaS platform for the international ocean container logistics industry.
Compaas People-focused compensation tools for growing companies.
CrowdForce Crowd-sourcing of reliable market data in Africa using mobile technology and a network of field agents.
CuePath Innovation Medication monitoring service and platform based on a popular multidrug blister pack.
D4DT Horizontal enterprise management platform for monitoring, reporting and analytics across all company IOT devices.
Damon Proactive sensor-driven safety systems for motorcycles.
Elliot Elliot is a no-code eCommerce platform that allows anyone to instantly sell & ship to 130+ countries without an add-on, line of code, or credit card.
Envio Temporarily place products in the hands of consumers.
Ephemeral Different kinds of tattoo inks that last different times.
Faber Faber is an employment marketplace for hourly skilled construction workers.
FarmCrowdy Online and mobile-friendly platform that connects thousands of small-scale farmers with farm investors.
Fireflies.ai AI meeting assistant that records, transcribes, and searches your conversations.
Flye AI marketing platform that understands audiences, then activates targeted personalized campaigns.
Frame Health Identifies high cost, non-adherent patients through advanced personality analysis and creates tailored treatment plans that improve adherence and outcome.
Fraudmarc Email security and authentication service.
FreshCar Monthly rental car subscription with insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance included.
Fullcast.io Sales planning and operations as a service.
Gatsby Micro-influencer marketing tools.
getro Help your startup portfolio hire.
Gridwise Peer-to-peer platform for on-demand drivers that improves their performance and overall driving experience.
Hawthorne Creating the go-to personal care brand for millennial men.
Health Hero AI texts, phone calls, and chatbots that improve patient outcomes post-doctor visit.
HealthTensor Artificially intelligent systems that reduce hospital costs and improve patient outcomes.
Hostfully Personalized guidebooks for your property,
HypeHash On-demand merchandise monetization through hashtags
ICONYC Labs NYC incubator for Israeli startups.
Immersed Helps distributed teams have in-person productivity by immersing them into a VR workplace.
Inscribe API that identifies and detects the use of adversarial inputs on safety and security critical algorithms.
Invomatic Build business process apps in minutes.
Ironcore iImprove security for applications, developers and their environments.
LeadCrunch Intelligent targeted demand generation.
Lightning AI Uses AI to automate and optimize bidding, audience expansion, and retargeting.
LIV Set up, record and live stream studio quality Mixed Reality. Anytime, anywhere.
Local Crate First nationally, local food company by making it easy to cook meals inspired by popular local chefs with seasonal, local ingredients in the comfort of your home!
Maslo An emotional health platform for executive coaches.
Matchaful Seller of high quality, organic matcha and related products.
MoData A SaaS platform that enables enterprise to manage sales strategy and large B2B enterprise sales teams.
Module Design Adaptable housing that changes as your needs do.
Narmi Helps financial institutions attract, engage and retain customers through superior online and mobile banking.
Obsess Virtual reality platform for experiential shopping.
OffGridBox All-in-one, renewable energy and clean water system that enables independent living in any environment.
Omelas Aiding in asset protection for companies operating in volatile regions.
Omni Labs Personalized automation for the Web.
OnSecondThought Take back embarrassing messages before anyone sees.
Paddle Internal recruitment platform for enterprise.
Paladin Saas to streamline pro bono legal workflow.
PhoneWagon Call tracking software that provides insight into which marketing campaigns are generating phone calls.
Planetarians Plant-based protein from upcycling defatted seeds.
PlayFull Marketing platform that helps the largest restaurant brands in the world engage their next generation of customers with games.
PopCom Software solutions for intelligent vending.
Prefix Home management and data.
Pulse Labs UX testing solutions for developers in the voice ecosystem.
Qeepsake Capture and preserve family memories online.
Rainmakers Exclusive hiring platform for sales people.
Rakam A one-click modular analytics platform that allows you to create custom analytics services.
RealBlocks Blockchain platform that allows real estate sponsors to seamlessly raise capital from investors worldwide.
Roll Token sales advisory.
Roof.ai Roof.ai makes an AI chatbot for real estate industry.
Savitude Provides recommendations on clothes based on a shopper’s body shape.
Sea Machines Robotics Autonomous control for the commercial marine and boating industries.
Seamless.ai AI sales automation engine that gets perfect email address and phone number for almost anyone.
Semantica Platform for machine learning engineers to manage daily workflow.
Shimmur SAAS Message/Relationship Management Platform.
Silene Biotech Cell preservation today for tomorrow's personalized therapies and diagnostics.
Slingshot Aerospace Extensible access to geo-enriched insights through sensor-to-decision software platform.
Solstice Radically expands access to clean energy by providing community-shared solar power to the 80 percent of Americans that cannot install a system on their rooftop.
Sourcify Sourcify connects entrepreneurs and enterprises with the world's top manufacturers from our vetted sourcing pool.
Stackery Dev and ops on the same page.
Stackin' Champions financial fitness for all millennials by educating, informing and entertaining across relevant social platforms.
Stateless SaaS platform for high performance networking.
Storetasker Our experts can design, build, and fix your site for you 24/7. There's no monthly fee and most jobs cost between $25 and $250.
StoryXpress Automates video post production so that retailers can quickly and cheaply convert their existing product catalog to a video catalog.
Strayos 3D aerial intelligence platform for optimizing mining and quarry blasting operations.
Swag.com Custom promo products that people actually want to keep.
Sway Tools for providers to deliver profitable preventive counseling.
Swym Seamless multi-device shopping journeys for ecommerce sites.
Terrene Load any data from any source and run predictive analytics on it.
Trexo Robotics Exoskeletons to help people walk.
Unicoaero Direct to door airline baggage delivery.
Unique.ai Conversational technology platform providing immediate and personalized engagement between candidates and employers.
Upsie Mobile app that’s disrupting the traditional warranty industry.
Valid8 The first independent financial analytics platform.
Vartega Recycling carbon fiber to lower costs.
VendorTerm Invoice financing for enterprise vendors.
Vidrovr Analyzes video content to make it searchable and discoverable.
Virgo Best way to capture and utilize endoscopy video footage.
Vitae Industries Automated on-demand pharmacy compounding.
Vitally Analytics platform that provides B2B startups with the metrics and insights.
Voatz Mobile election voting platform, secured via smart biometrics, real time ID verification and the blockchain for irrefutability.
Wave.tv Wave provides curated sports content across 200+ social media channels.
ZenSports Peer-to-peer sports betting marketplace using Cryptocurrencies & Smart Contracts.
Zube.io Project management for engineers.

Active 2016 Investments

Analytical Flavor Systems Real time quality control and flavor profiling for food and beverage producers.
Arena Cloud-based marketing platform for live experiences.
Ascerta Machine-assisted anomaly detection & root cause analysis.
Backstitch Corporate intranet communications which are personalized, relevant, and actionable.
Balloon Anonymously surface and prioritize information from any group.
Bark Technologies Protects children by detecting messages that contain cyberbullying, sexting and signs of depression.
BookBuses Price and booking platform for hiring charter buses.
Boon Conversational recruiting network that empowers hiring via referrals.
Branch Messenger Application that helps retailers reduce absences and increase productivity by improving company-wide communication.
Bridge21 Helps individuals, businesses, and partners use digital currency to make cross-border payments.
Candidly Book local freelance photographers for anything.
CareerLark Next generation performance review software.
Cargo Point of sale technology in ride-share vehicles that enables on-the-go purchases.
CarServ Auto repair shop management, customer communication and marketing software.
Chowbotics Robot for commercial kitchens.
Chroma Token exchange for regulated markets.
ConvertFlow Convert more website visitors through personalized calls-to- action, retargeting ads and triggered emails from third-party apps.
De-Ice Airplane de-icing solution that is 30% faster and 50% cheaper.
Donut Media Automotive enthusiast video content for Millennials and Gen Zs.
DroneSeed Replanting forests safer and 10X cheaper. Using drones.
edn Wall-base, indoor, fully automated hydroponic garden.
ExecVision Call-based business intelligence for executives.
Exeq Helping people spend better.
Feedmob Mobile ad platform that specializes in honest, post-install KPI driven mobile advertising at scale.
Fig Loans Affordable credit for low income families.
Flowcast Powering smarter credit decisions with AI.
Fomo The world's first social proof marketing platform.
Forestry.io Easier way to build and manage websites for developers.
Four Mine E-commerce "try before you buy" engagement and wedding rings. Customers can have multiple replicas sent to their home to try rings before making purchase decision.
Fueloyal Prevent fuel theft and fuel card misuse in your trucking company with a smart fuel cap.
GoNative Beautiful video content in real time.
GroGuru Strategic irrigation management that makes farmers more money with fewer resources.
Growth Instruments Enterprise Human Capital Management solutions for smart organizations.
Grubbly Sustainable protein for livestock processed from larvae fed off of food waste.
GymHit GymHit is a cloud-based software suite that runs all back-end aspects of gym operations, including membership renewals and POS transactions.
HAAS Alert Connected car and autonomous driving notification platform that warns when emergency vehicles are approaching.
Healthie EHR & telehealth for nutritional care.
Heartbeat Platform for millennial women to join, provide feedback to, and promote brands via their personal networks.
HelloHome Online real estate marketplace that matches sellers with flat-fee agents.
Invision AI Enable edge devices to recognize objects, track their movements, and identify anomalies.
Itsbyu Do-it-yourself wedding flower kits; make your own wedding flowers and save up to 80%.
Jiobit The world’s smallest and longest lasting location tracker for kids.
Joonko Identify and solve gender bias in your workplace, as it happens!
Kami Cloud-based PDF document viewer and annotation app.
Keepe Efficient marketplace connecting Property Managers & Contractors.
Kepler Communication Satellite communication simplified.
Knoq Canvassing software for campaigning and door-to-door sales.
Lab Fellows Powerful and unrestricted eProcurement platform for life science companies and their teams.
Leka Interactive, multisensory robotic ball that greatly enhances therapies for special needs children.
LogicGate Powering agile risk management.
Mantl Helping banks and credit unions grow deposits with an omni-channel account opening platform.
Maxwell Marketplace and collaboration platform used by realtors and lenders to quickly drive a transaction to a close.
MeetMindful Online dating evolved.
MindMate Fastest growing Alzheimer’s App for patients, families and caregivers.
Morty Morty is an online mortgage platform built for the next generation of home buyers who want a simple, modern, high-tech, and self-empowering experience.
MotionHall MotionHall is an AI-powered bioscience information platform for Life Science companies.
Mycroft First open source, voice-driven, AI platform for the connected home and beyond.
Negotiatus Procurement as a service for anything your enterprise needs.
NestReady Enabling mortgage lenders to offer a seamless digital homebuying experience for their clients.
Noah Next-generation of financial products for the residential real estate market.
Nozzle Search marketing meets real-time big data.
OnFrontiers Marketplace for subject matter experts.
onTarget Visual collaboration and analytics solution for the construction industry.
Orderly Health Identfies and repairs inaccurate provider data with machine learning.
Paranoid Fan Uses social mapping to mobilize fans at venues and in their own communities.
PartySlate Destination for anyone planning a party; photo-rich site provides inspiration, event ideas and access to local event professionals.
Passage Ticketing, reservations and payments for specialty events through white-labelled vertical ticketing solutions.
PenPal Schools The world's largest project-based learning community.
PermitZone Keep projects moving in real-time.
Pillar Technologies The future of construction site risk management.
Polly A Slack bot for collecting simple and powerful feedback at work.
Rally Bus Community mobility platform that powers pop-up mass transit with high occupancy vehicles.
ResponsiveAds Mobile-first HTML5 creative technology lets you create & deploy dynamic advertisements that fluidly STRETCH™ cross-screen.
Roam Solutions Interactive digital touchscreen directory solution for retail and office complexes.
RushTix Subscription service that gets you unlimited free tickets to concerts, theater, comedy and more in your city.
Seed&Spark Entertainment platform for conscious consumers to actively increasing diversity and representation in entertainment.
Select Innovations Private membership access to exclusive events, savings and perks at thousands of premier partner locations.
Shoelace Software that automates retargeting marketing campaigns.
Shyft Shift swapping made easy.
SimpliRoute Delivery route optimization software.
SkopeNow Elevated people search engine for discovering fraud and evaluating risk.
Skywatch Accelerating access to satellite and remote sensing data.
Social Status Google Analytics for social media
Spatial Dynamic, human-driven layer of social intelligence for maps and navigation.
Spoiler Alert Takes the pain out of distressed food inventory management with managed discount sales and donation.
Sprout Payroll, HR, and timekeeping in developing markets (Philippines).
Spruce Experience Platform A bot born in a store to help a family owned boutique thrive.
StoryFit AI that enables publishers and studios to make smarter, data-informed decisions.
Straight Shot Accelerator Straight Shot Accelerator fund investment
Stride.AI Advanced sentiment analysis to enable businesses to translate their textual data into actionable insights.
Super Dispatch Simple way to eliminate paperwork, manage loads, and billing for car haulers.
Taylor & Hart Fabricators of custom designed, high quality engagement rings.
Ten Spot Centralized hub that connects employees to all things wellness.
The Black Sheep Helping brands reach college students in authentic ways across the nation.
The Helper Bees Partnering with insurance companies and families directly to deliver the best quality home care.
TicketSauce White labelled SaaS ticketing solution for events.
UCIC Ask and see live photo or video from anywhere in the world, right now.
Union Crate Consumer-driven supply chain planning and centralized operations management.
Unito Connectors that synchronize projects, tasks, and discussions locked in disparate apps.
WELL Health Unifies and automates patient communication at enterprise scale.
WorkHound WorkHound is a mobile-first application for high turnover employees to communicate feedback to their employers. Currently focused on transportation industry.
XapiX Fast & simple data connections for the connected & autonomous vehicle world.
Xclaim Mobile Locally triggered mobile ads without an app install.

Active 2015 Investments

Alloy Single API and dashboard for top banks to manage KYC/AML, fraud, and more.
AlphaRank Turns historical transaction data into actionable social influence insights for banks and merchants.
Alpin Take control of your SaaS subscriptions.
Ansik Platform as a service that aggregates data and uses machine learning to perform predictive maintenance for vehicles.
Appbase Enabling developers to build reactive apps with data streams, plus stream document updates, search results, and filters.
BentoBox Mobile-optimized websites and digital marketing tools for restaurants.
BlazingDB Cloud platform database management system accelerated through the use of video graphics cards (GPUs)
Borrowing Magnolia Sharing economy for wedding dress rentals and sales.
Broadlume Provides integrated technology to transform the way flooring is bought and sold.
Card Isle Making it more convenient for you to create the perfect, personalized card.
Caretaker Enables people to buy and sell leases from each other.
Cuseum Interactive, socially engaging, and location-aware mobile apps for museums to enhance the way we experience art.
DataCamp Online interactive training and education platform for data analytics.
doDOC Enabling teams to plan, draft, edit, review and approve docs more than 70% faster.
Elegus Technologies Drop-in replacement battery separator currently between 7-10 microns thick.
Evolute Simplifies the datacenter by providing a software ecosystem optimized for IT administrators.
Fantasmo “Integrated Reality” platform taht provides shared, contextual user experiences and fuses real world data, user data, digital information and visual elements.
flyteDesk A single platform to create, book, and manage ad campaign across multiple channels on every college campus.
Gerald Capital-as-a-service offering to SaaS platforms, making it easy and seamless for merchants on said platforms to apply and receive cash advances quickly.
Giftbit Accountable, money-back gift cards for business buyers.
Gloss Genius SaaS platform for beauty freelancers, offering client engagement, business management and product sales tools.
Gorgias Ecommerce helpdesk that turns your customer service into a profit center.
GreatHorn Cloud security platform that detects and prevents data breaches.
hobbyDB A giant database of every collectible ever made.
Honcho Monitor and analyze every incoming and outgoing communications channel to keep your employees and your company safe.
Hooks Mobile application that helps you discover and stay up to date on anything that matters to you through push notifications.
In/Spree Brands A social media shopping platform that connects influencers, brands, and retailers.
Innervate Marketing toolkit exclusively for game companies to grow their player base.
Kwambio Platform for creating unique, personalized products on 3D printers.
Lightboard Graphic design on demand.
Lightstream Powerful & intuitive live streaming studio in your browser. No downloads. No technical wizardry. Absolutely free.
LimeLight Platform Provides tools to build automated, data-driven live marketing campaigns.
Littlstar Global network dedicated to immersive 360° video and photos.
Localize.js Website translation, simplified. Translate your website with 1 line of code.
Lovepop Intricate laser-cut paper sculptures that pop out of a seemingly ordinary card.
MadKudu Lead scoring and analytics that actually work.
Mainstay Provides students with free expert college admissions advising via a text message-based chatbot, known as Oli.
Matcherino Complete set of e-sports engagement tools for organizers and streamers based on crowdfunded matches.
MAX Hyper-local on demand delivery for Urban Africa.
Measurence Actionable retail intelligence and knowledge-sharing platform.
Metadata Leverages marketing automation data into laser-focused targeted advertising.
MetricStory Turns machine learning and automation into insightful web analytics.
Modern Creating a window of transparency between the Automotive Dealership Service Department and the service customer.
Morsel Monthly lunch subscription service delivering healthy meals to your desk.
MusiQuest Empowers kids to create their own music on mobile devices.
Mutable A platform for developing and deploying microservices.
Netra AI that analyzes videos images and metadata to detect unsafe content and protect your brand.
OneModel An HR Analytics platform that helps businesses make sense of all their disparate human capital data.
PactSafe Makes it easy for companies to automate and manage their digital legal agreements.
People Data Labs Sources and integrates the most accurate people data for leading enterprises.
PeopleVine Productivity tool for external communication that works naturally in emails, text, and chat so that coworkers, clients, and contractors can stay coordinated.
Peruse Natural language search to extract information from documents stored in Box, Dropbox, Gmail and Google Drive
Pilot Fiber-optic internet at speeds up to 10 Gbps with no contracts, white glove customer service, and a 100% uptime guarantee for both your home and business.
RangeForce Scalable cloud-based platform simulation training for cybersecurity and IT operations professionals.
RankPeek Enables consumer brands to monitor and respond to reviews across 500+ sites including Amazon and social media in over 150 countries.
Remesh Platform for engaging and understanding groups of people in real time--customers, employees, prospects, constituents.
Routific Route optimization platform for forward-thinking SMBs that make multiple deliveries, pickups or stops in a day.
Sailo Online boat rental marketplace.
Self Helps consumers establish and build credit.
Specless Enables advertisers and publishers to create and serve responsive HTML5 ad creative that seamlessly adapts to any device type, inventory size or ad format.
SPIDR Tech Next generation communication and intelligence platform for law enforcement.
StatMuse Explore sports statistics, schedules and scores in a new way, straight from your favorite players and personalities.
Stoplight A toolkit for developers to debug, test, and monitor APIs in development or live production environments.
Stream.io Enterprise grade feed and chat APIs.
Stryd Footpod that measures your running power--summarizing speed, terrain, form, and fatigue--so you can conquer any race course in real time.
StyleSage Delivering intelligence to fashion brands and retailers for critical merchandising, planning, and promotion decisions.
Switchboard Live Takes a single HD video stream and multi streams it everywhere, including YouTube, UStream, Roku.
TripCloud Easy travel & expense management for SMBs.
UXTesting Easily get the direct tester's feedback through verbal comments, facial expressions, gestures and screen touches.
WAVE (by OGYDocs) A decentralized electronic bill of lading using the blockchain technology.
WISE Systems Assign, schedule, and adjust your on-demand deliveries in real-time.
Yonder AI disinformation defense for highly visible brands under attack by coordinated disinformation campaigns.

Active 2014 Investments

Ability Wearables Ability uses realtime biodata and machine intelligence to predict and track enterprise health, safety and productivity.
Allbound SaaS platform that helps companies accelerate recurring revenue through channel partners.
Amino Mobile-first platform enables people to come together with others who share a common interest or background.
Bevi The smart water cooler—bringing flavors, fizz, and eco-friendly fun to your office, school, hotel or cafeteria.
Bidvine Fast, free way to get competing quotes for local services from interested, available professionals.
Blink Enterprise communication platform enabling organized, productive messaging across teams, groups and between organizations.
Bold Metrics Bold Metrics is a SaaS solution for retailers and brands to gather intelligence about their customers and personalize items.
Cangrade We analyze what makes employees successful to find your next great hire. Helps companies make better hiring decisions using predictive analytics and data science.
Cloud 66 Ops tools for Devs. Build, deliver, deploy and manage any applications on any cloud or server.
Clutch Prep Clutch helps college students pass their classes by giving them video guides that follow your college textbook.
Conatix Semi-automated business intelligence system that disrupts the value chain with the latest in machine learning.
Convey Active delivery management software for intelligent issue detection, collaborative case resolution, and supply chain optimization.
Data Everywhere Enables users to manage and share their data on spreadsheets.
Fairwaves Helps mobile operators radically widen subscriber base and boost profitability in low-income regions.
Flipcause Full suite of on demand, customizable fundraising tools for non profits.
Garmentory Shop the best of the sale from independent boutiques and designers.
GeoSpock Location intelligence engine that discovers new insights from legacy data gathered over years of operation or extreme data from of sensors and portable assets.
Good Audience Work with a social media team that has managed over 3,000 brands. Pros handcraft your content and grow your audience into the millions.
indico Deploying AI that leverages unstructured enterprise content using transfer learning.
Kalo Freelancer management system that stores and manages all of your freelancers in one dashboard.
Kapta Powers customer relationships through Voice of Customer data, Joint Success Plans, and real-time reports so you can be a strategic partner for the accounts that matter most to your business.
Lawnstarter LawnStarter brings you the best lawn services at the click of button. Within seconds, you can book skilled landscapers to deal with grass, weeds, pests, flowerbeds and anything else in your yard.
LiveStories Bring your data to life--never look at rows of numbers again. With our civic data library, you can skip the steps of finding, formatting, and visualizing datasets—and go straight to analysis.
Locate Artificial Intelligence powering retail site selection. Find out where retail should expand to next.
Onion Onion is a Backend as a Service (BaaS) for the Internet of Things.
Package Zen Manage any delivery in seconds, simply by snapping a picture. Mobile application that provides delivery and package receiving services for offices, apartments, and condominiums.
Planted Connecting startups with the best entry-level talent.
PocketSuite A single app providing client scheduling, payment + messaging tools to service professionals.
Push Technologies Software Crafted for Restaurants. Scheduling, Time-Tracking, Payroll & HR software. Labor Management. Simplified.
Shoppermotion Indoor mapping technology that accurately tracks consumers behaviour in-store and in real-time.
Shoppinpal Mobile commerce platform for brick & mortar retailers. Brings the best elements of Amazon.com and the Apple retail store experience to upscale brick and mortar retailers.
Silverback eRated is an online reputation and reviews solution for sellers on one or more marketplace and eCommerce platform.
SocialSign.in SocialSign.in SocialSign.in enables businesses to leverage their guest WiFi to learn about visitors and build relationships with customers.
Splashscore Rewards you when your friends like and comment on your everyday Facebook posts.
Sundar Sourcing for garments, textiles, trims and accessories used to be complex, costly and inefficient. With SUNDAR, the creative process becomes seamless, efficient and real-time.
Tangiblee Tangiblee builds a custom, branded configuration for your website. All you do is review and approve.
UBIO Enables direct transactions for price comparison and metasearch with automation cloud technology which can interact securely with any supplier website.
Unmade Platform gives brands the ability to offer customisable products and manufacture the results
Workbright Simplifies the HR process by providing a 100% digital onboarding solution.
Wunder Connects investors with great commercial solar projects.
Zzish Infrastructure helping app developers create, distribute and monetize education applications that have a real impact on student learning. Apps can be developed a fraction of traditional cost and time.

Active 2013 Investments

Bluecore Empowering marketers to make decisions in the moment, based on massive data sets, across all channels.
Brandfolder Powerfully simple digital asset management. A protected, consistent, and strikingly visual home for your brand.
CaptureProof The only HIPAA secure phot and video solution that allows patients to track their health over time and plugs into the whole hospital.
Codementor Live 1:1 help from expert developers.
coUrbanize Online community engagement platform for real estate developers and municipal planners to connect with the outside world.
DataRobot Automated machine learning to unleash the AI-driven enterprise.
Designlab Learn UI/UX design skills with the help of an expert mentor through unique online courses; mastering the techniques needed to design stunning web and mobile products.
FaithStreet Outreach and giving platform for congregations.
Freight Farms Automated, hydroponic farms enclosed in insulated shipping containers.
Hull Helping the world's best brands connect their apps together.
Ionic Beautiful, free and open source mobile SDK for developing native and progressive web apps with ease.
Jebbit Assumptiion free marking with first-party declared data.
Jukely You can browse a list of shows happening within a rolling 3-day window. To go to a show you’re interested in, just claim a spot on the guestlist.
Lean Startup Machine Workshop to learn how to build a successful business in three days.
Neurala Make your products and services more intelligent with The Neurala Brain, the deep learning neural network software that mimics how the human brain works.
Nexercise Personalized video workouts.
ParLevel Tap into a powerful suite of vending technology tools designed to help operators run a successful operation.
Peerby Website and mobile app that enables people to borrow the products they need within 30 minutes by asking around in their neighborhood.
Rallyware Intelligent workforce engagement solutions that drive sales, recruiting, onboarding, training, and participation in organizational activities.
Recurrence 21st century version of the traditional business case study by using gaming simulation.
rENIAC Hardware / software product that allows enterprises to process real-time data 13X faster. Intelligent data-aware architecture for applications, servers, and data stores.
Shopventory Easy-to-use and advanced inventory management system for small to medium sized businesses.
Sketchfab Publish, share and discover 3D content online and in VR.
Skilljar The online training platform for customer onboarding and success.
SnowShoe Stamp Unique identifiers that communicate through touchscreens.
Stellar Reviews Find baby products with help from your friends.
Synack A human-powered security solution offering scalable continuous testing for enterprise applications and networks.
Testlio We test your products and uncover issues before your customers do. We are fast, scalable and focused on quality.
Threat Stack Protecting your modern infrastructure against external attacks, insider threats, & data loss.
TVbeat Real-time cross-screen TV audience attribution.
vetted Digital management of vendor, investors, customers, suppliers, clients, doctors, contractors to ensure compliance.

Active 2012 Investments

Appsembler Powerful e-Learning platform for authoring and delivering online courses.
Apptentive Listen, engage, and retain your mobile customers.
Bench Accounting First scalable online bookkeeping service for small businesses.
ClassPass Monthly membership that connects you to 8,000+ of the best fitness studios.
CoachUp The largest network of coaches with extensive training resources for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
Cobalt Disrupts the way information is consumed and exchanged in private markets by connecting people through a common set of parameters and analysis.
Conductrics Anytime you have different content or features to expose to your visitors, Conductrics has tools for you.
Databox Key business metrics at your fingertips.
inboundgeo Your offer, sent to well qualified website visitors, every day, at 4pm central.
Influence Mobile Reach your perfect customer You provide the app, we'll provide the people.
Leanplum Marketing cloud of the future.
Lotus Leaf Coatings, Inc. Nano coatings for water control: Moisture, Condensation, Wetting.
Marquee Digital studio that helps editorial teams build thriving publications.
NBD Nanotechnologies Hydrophobic, Hydrophilic, Oleophobic or Oleophilic coatings and additives for any application, on any substrate.
Ovia Health Women's and family health, reimagined.
PhotoHires Instantly hire the perfect photographer or videographer
Prolific Works Sneak Peeks, Advanced Access, and Special Giveaways. Over 10 million downloads connecting readers to authors they love.
Rise Robotics Breakthrough mechanical components to one day enable powered consumer ExoSuits.
Stock Touch Navigable visualization app technologies for publishing cloud-based streaming data.
Testive Advanced SAT and ACT learning software developed at MIT paired with the motivational support of top 1% scoring coaches.

Exited Investments

Aces Health Acquired by First Foundry, July 2018
AddStructure Acquired by Bizaarvoice, February 2018
AdHusky Acquired by undisclosed company, October 2015
AirFox Acquired by ViaVarejo, May 2020
Airpost Acquired by Box, December 2014
AkoubaCredit Acquired by Velocity Solutions, June 2018
Altru Acquired by iCIMS, December 2020
Appetas Acquired by Google, April 2014
Appfuel Acquired by undisclosed company, April 2014
Atlas Wearables Acquired by Peleton, September 2020
Augur Acquired by Bounce Exchange, March 2017
Beam Acquired by Microsoft, September 2016
Betaout Acquired by Undisclosed Company, June 2018
BitFusion Acquired by VMware, July 2019
Bizible Acquired by Marketo, April 2018
Blueprint Registry Acquired by David's Bridal, August 2018
Brand AI Acquired by InVision App, August 2017
Brandfolder Acquired by Smartsheet, August 2020
Careport Health Acquired by Allscripts Healthcare, October 2016
Classics & Exotics Acquired by Hagerty, June 2017
Codeship Acquired by CloudBees, Feb 2018
Conspire Acquired by FullContact, June 2016
Crowsnest Acquired by Samsung, November 2015
Curv Repurchase by Company, September 2019
Daily Pnut Acquired by Media Mobilize, November 2016
DataBlade Acquired by Boston Consulting Group, February 2018
DealAngel Acquired by OneTwoTrip, August 2013
Digs Acquired by OJO Labs, September 2020
Distil Acquired by Imperva, June 2019
docTrackr Acquired by Intralinks, April 2014
Dossier Acquired by InVisionApp, September 2017
Draft Acquired by Betfair, May 2017
Email Copilot Acquired by Return Path & Seismic, November 2016
Eventable Acquired by Rockerbox, February 2018
Evolve Acquired by Hubspot, August 2017
Experiment Engine Acquired by Optimizely, April 2017
Fancred Acquired by Football Nation for no return
Filament Labs Acquired by Athenahealth, September 2016
Fixel Acquired by Logiq, November 2020.
Fosbury Acquired by Verve, June 2015
Gazella Wifi Acquired by Captiveyes Group, December 2019.
GetAFive Acquired by Tutor.com, August 2014
Glidera Acquired by Kraken, September 2016
Good.co Acquired by StepStone, January 2016
GoodApril Acquired by Intuit, August 2013
Harbor Pension Acquired by Undisclosed Company, August 2020
Hazel Acquired by RISE People, October 2019
Hexa Acquired by Outboundworks, February 2018
Indio Acquired by Applied Systems, December 2019.
init.ai Acquired by Apple, October 2017
Inscope Medical Solutions Acquired by [confidential], November 2020.
IOPipe Acquired by New Relic, November 2019
Kamana Acquired by Triage March 2021.
Keen.io Acquired by Scaleworks, December 2017
Knoq Acquired by Consumer Advocate aka Ad Practitioners, December 2020.
Knowtify Acquired by Kissmetrics, May 2016
Legalinc Acquired by Undisclosed Company, February 2018
Lightstream Acquired by Vitec Group, April 2021
LiteStack Acquired by Rackspace, November 2013
Litimetrics Acquired by Consensus Capital April 2019
Liveoak Technologies Acquired by DocuSign, July 2020
Lumni Acquired by Lumni, May 2018
Mapkin Acquired by Mapquest, May 2016
Mediarails Acquired by Impact Technologies, August 2018
Mentio Acquired by Lendified, March 2016
MightySignal Acquired by Xenon Ventures, December 2018
MobileDevHQ Acquired by Tune, August 2014
Tune acquired by Cake Software, May 2020
MobilePhire Acquired by MobileSense Technologies, March 2018
Mortar Data Acquired by Datadog, February 2015
NexLP Acquired by Reveal, July 2020
Nexosis Acquired by DataRobot, July 2018
Nova Labs Acquired by Highspot, April 2020
Pana Acquired by Coupa Software, February 2021
Pathful Aqcuired by Mobify, April 2016
Pathgather Acquired by Degreed, June 2018
Pickie Acquired by RetailMeNot, April 2014
PillPack Acquired by Amazon, June 2018
Pippa Acquired by Acast, April 2019
Plated Acquired by Albertsons, September 2017
PlayCanvas Acquired by Snap, March 2017
Polymorph Acquired by Walmart, September 2019
Poptip Acquired by Palantir, July 2014
ProcessOut Acquired by CheckOut, February 2020
Reesio Acquired by Move.com, September 2015
Reflect Acquired by Puppet, June 2018
Revolv Acquired by Nest Labs, October 2014
Riskopy Acquired by Coupa, April 2017
Rocketbook Acquired by Bic Corp, November 2020
Sameroom Acquired by 8x8, March 2017
Sequr Acquired by Genea Energy, December 2019
Shippable Acquired by JFrog, February 2019
Shopturn Acquired by PeerStream, October 2018
Silene Biotech Acquired bu NanoSurface Biomedical, September 2019
SpaceView Acquired by Atheer, June 2017
Spitfire Athlete Acquired by Gravitus, January 2019.
SPLT Acquired by Bosch, October 2017
Spoon University Acquired by Scripps Networks, May 2017
Stabilitas Acquired by OnSolve, August 2020
Streamroot Acquired by Century Link, September 2019.
Strobe Acquired by LiveNation, June 2017
Super Acquired by Broomly, May 2017
Superpowered Acquired by Splice, April 2020
SVRF Acquired by Poplar, July 2020
SyncOnSet Acquired by Entertainment Partners, January 2020
Tapglue Acquired by Localytics, March 2017
tbh Acquired by Facebook, October 2017
TeacherTalent Acquired by EB Quickstart, December 2018
Thread Genius Acquired by Sotheby's, January 2018
ThreatCare Acquired by ReliaQuest, September 2019
TruClinic Acquired by InTouch Health, January 2018
InTouch acquired by Teladoc, June 2020
TrueCoach Acquired by AI Sky Bidco Inc., February 2020
Tutum Acquired by Docker, September 2015
UberSense Acquired by Hudl, August 2014
Ubooly Acquired by Sphero, February 2016
Validated Acquired by Reach Now, May 2019
Vault Exposure Tracker Acquired by Envision Technologies, May 2018
VendorHawk Acquired by ServiceNow, April 2018
VerbalizeIt Acquired by Smartling, May 2016
VidGrid Acquired by Paylocity, April 2020
Vidmaker Acquired by Youtube, December 2014
WorkingGroupLink Acquired by Dealsite, February 2020
Yaypay Acquired by Quadient, July 2020
Zego Acquired by Pay Lease, May 2019
ZenPurchase Acquired by Coupa Software, January 2016
Ziibra Acquired by Tagboard, May 2016