About: Executive Team

Unlike most startup investment firms, our success does not rest on the ability of our partners to pick individual investments. Rather, it rests on the ability of everyone in the organization to execute and refine a high-volume investment and support process. Therefore, we put together an executive team that brings the necessary experience and perspectives to the table.

Dave Lambert delivers operational management expertise and provides a hard core entrepreneur's perspective. He started his first company right out of college. Most recently, he was the co-founder of a venture-funded Internet jobs startup. He's an expert in growing ventures from nothing to significant ongoing operations. He's also been an angel investor and startup advisor.

Kevin Dick delivers the technology management expertise and provides a formal process optimization perspective. He has patents that span a diverse range such as derivative trading systems, automated statistical modeling, and network security devices. Most recently, he was the co-founder and CEO of a network security device startup. He's an expert in software development and mathematical modeling.

Jeff Pomeranz delivers private equity fund expertise and provides a securities industry perspective. Prior to RSCM he worked for Legend Merchant Group in marketing and fundraising for the VC and hedge fund industry. Previously, he was the founder and President of a boutique investment bank and research firm.

Old Friends

Our executive team knows how to work together. Dave and Kevin, were friends at Stanford back in the early 1990s. Dave's and Jeff's kids play on the same sports teams. They enjoy each other's company and like to work out the world's problems over lunch. RSCM actually got started through their friendly discussions of how to fix the seed stage funding process..