How to Get An Investment from Us

    Don't worry about a warm intro or sending us email first.
  • Initial Response Time:
    Usually within a few waking hours. Never more than 2 business days.
  • Check Size:
    $100K to $500K. Vast majority $150K to $300K.
  • Total Round Size:
    $100K - $500K. (Occasional exceptions to $1M.)
  • Valuation:
    $1M - $3M. (Rare exceptions to $6M with extreme traction.)
  • Traction / Progress:
    Almost always $5K to $30K/month in gross profit. No ideas or prototypes.
  • Sector:
    Anything in tech. But you must be doing real engineering of some kind.
  • Headcount:
    Usually at least 2 full time founders. Often a few full or part time workers.
  • Exit Potential:
    We are biased towards capital efficient business models that can produce strong investor returns at sub-$100M exits. (Though obviously we like $100M+ exits too.)

  • Geography:
    Primarily US and Canada. Occasionally, Western Europe, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand, but those deals must meet an even higher bar than normal.

Who We Are

  • We're a technology startup investment firm focused exclusively on the pre-seed stage.
  • With a portfolio of well over 1000 pre-seed investments and growing.
  • Pre-seed isn't our farm system; it's our bread and butter.
  • It's all we've done, all day, every day, since 2012.
  • We strive to treat founders the way we would want to be treated.
  • We don't waste time. If we're not going to invest, we say so as quickly as possible. If we are going to invest, we just get it done without delays.